Saturday, January 1, 2011

Time Warp 1952: Wright's Dairy Rite

Wright’s Dairy Rite is among the last curb-service drive-in burger eateries in the state. F. A. Wright opened his Dairy Rite in 1952 and established high standards in his kitchen. He created a tradition in Staunton that has lasted for nearly sixty years. To this day Wright’s is still family-owned – these days by his son-in-law James E. Cash and his grandson, James R. Cash. This is where the Statler Brothers used to hang out in their youth.

On the menu is the popular Superburger – two patties of ground beef, melted cheese, shredded lettuce, and their own special sauce, served on the specially baked three-decker bun – BigMac, eat your heart out (Wright’s opened three years before Ray Croc started his McDonald’s empire). Other specialties are ice cream and dairy treats. Make a step back into time to 1952 with a visit to Wright’s Dairy Rite. Free WiFi. 346 Greenville Avenue (Rt. 11), just south of downtown Staunton. 540.886.0435

Note: For the past 23 years Wright’s has hosted two “Cruise-In” events on the Sunday afternoons before Memorial Day and Labor Day. On average 200 classic and antique car owners register to make an appearance. Winners receive special dash plaques.

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